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For the past 15 years we has been designing software and hardware for the CNC Router Table industry. Our software can take a scanned black and white image and within seconds create G-Code cutting instructions for your CNC Table. Our software supports GCode and DXF CNC applications. Our products include CNC Router Tables (wood, aluminum, marble, etc), CNC Plasma & Torches Tables (steel cutting), and Pellet Mills to create pellets from wood waste.
Basically, how we can help your company is quite simple. We will give you a competitive edge to build products at a competitive price. There is a lot of room in the marketplace for lower priced furniture, custom steel cutting and pellet energy products. Whether you cater to your local market or larger outside markets, we will provide you a way to cut your manufacturing costs and increase quality.

CNC Router Table Hardware

We have our own CNC Router Table brand that brings you Quality CNC Router Tables at the best possible price. If you don't need a CNC Router Table right now why not check out our add-on products. We have Router Tables, Plasma/torch CNC Machines, pellet milling equipment and much more. New, check our new line of Pellet Mills to give you options to handle your wood waste.

CNC Router Table Training

We provide training and support as needed, on a hourly basis. With the purchase of every CNC Router Table we include 2 hours phone support. For a extra service charge, we can travel to your site and help you setup and configure your new router tables.

Reason to work with

  • Quality CNC Router Tables products at the best possible price.
  • Customer support on a pay as you go basis.
  • You are dealing with knowledgeable CNC specialists.
  • We can create your new GCode, MCode or DXF custom applications.
  • Custom designs to help you with your projects.