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SC690 CNC Table

Listed by Patrick Burke

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Price (USD): $4,995
Sale Price (USD): $2,995

Short Description: Sculpture 690 CNC ROUTER Table
The Sculpture SC690 guide screw series is our new model with a complete steel structure. The SC690 has a X,Y axis working area of (600mmX900mm or 24X36inchs) with a Z axis (100mm or 4 inches).

Full Description:
The Sculpture SC690 guide screw series is our new model with a complete steel structure. Double aging treatment for the machine body, brand-name motor driver, ensure the kinematic accuracy and the reliability.
  • Wauranty: 1 year parts and phone support.
  • The Sculpture SC690 adopts the mode of saving the intermittence. Memory to insure the processing point when the blade is broken or postpone situation.
  • The Sculpture SC690 matching Germany producing double ball screw nut and imported the bearing liner.
  • The gantry mode movement is more durable without distortion by long use and the positioning accuracy is much better.
  • The large power cutting spindle does not only increase the fineness of engraving the breast card without screw and the under base is more flat and smooth.

All models come with:
  • Steel structure, Y Square linear orbit, ballscrew ( Y axis double nuts),Weihong System and Type3 Software, 1.5Kw water cooling spindle,
  • Software: RSMTrace for Windows 98 Upgrade to 2000/xp scheduled for March/2010 Recommend used with Corel Draw 12 or greater
  • Windows OS supported: Windows98/2000/XPv
  • Command Language: G Code
  • Operating System: Computer control (Optional: DSP System : Black handle with USB connection)
  • Software Compatibility: Type3 software
  • Running Environment: Temperature: 0 degC to 45 degC
  • Relative humidity: 30% to 75%

  • X,Y axis working area: (600 X 900mm or 24X36in)
  • Z axis working area: (100mm or 4 in)
  • Table size: (720mm X 1150mm or 28.8in X 46in)
  • Max. Speed: 4m~5.5m/min (160 to 220in/min) (Optional: change to 8~10m/min)
  • Bit Size: 3.175mm to (6mm) - 1/4 to 1/4in
  • Working delicacy: 0.05mmmm
  • X,Y,Z repositioning Positioning Accuracy: 0.05mm or 1/2000in
  • Frame: Steel structure
  • X,Y, Z Structure: Round orbit(Optional: change Y axis to square orbit), Ball screw( Y axis double nuts)
  • Spindle Power Motor: 1.5Kw constant power water cooling spindle (optional: change to 2.2KW)
  • Power (not include the spindle) : 300w
  • Spindle Speed:0-24000RPM (Optional: change the spindle speed to 40,000~42,000RPM)
  • Drive Motors: Stepper system
  • Working Voltage: AC110V/50Hz
  • Interphace: RS-232C serial mouth - Paralell Port

Upgrades & Costs: See CNC Upgrades in listings.
  • Weight:150kg
  • Packaging plywood
  • Dimension of packing mm (length x width x height) 1.4m x 1.13m x 1.45m
  • Dimension of packing In (length x width x height) 56in X 45.2in X 58in
  • Approx. Cubic Meters 2.5 CBM / Cubic Feet 92.6 Cubic Feet
  • Inquire for shipping costs:

Phone: 250-423-3091

Delivery: 30 to 45 days

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Listed by: Patrick Burke

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